Without it, e-readers wouldn’t be so popular, electric cars wouldn’t threaten gas guzzlers, & smartphones would never have taken over as the primary computing device in people’s lives. Battery life is the story of Sony’s new Xperia phones. They have the usual panoply of specs and features that no android device would dare leave a factory without, but the main reason you’ll want lớn buy one will be their extraordinary endurance. Sony expects both the 5.2-inch flagship Xperia Z3 and the smaller 4.6-inch Xperia Z3 Compact to lớn last for two full days without a problem.

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Together with the 8-inch Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact, these new phones from Sony represent the most direct apk counter to Apple’s iPhone and iPad family. Sony isn’t dodging confrontation with the high-end market leader; it’s openly courting comparisons to lớn it. Like Samsung’s 4.7-inch Galaxy Alpha — which looks lớn have been designed as a direct response to lớn the new iPhone of that form size — Sony’s Z3 Compact has all the features & capabilities of a flagship điện thoại cảm ứng without the currently prevalent exaggeration in size. The Alpha is compromised and expensive, however, whereas the Compact seems to lack nothing & costs significantly less than Sony’s designated flagship Z3.


Before I even mở cửa the box, I know that Sony’s new smartphones are going to lớn be a big deal. They have no obvious spec weaknesses & are going up against the iPhone by emphasizing what’s probably its biggest shortcoming: battery life. With durable, waterproof designs, advanced cameras, & the greater flexibility of Android, the new Xperias strive lớn be the best thing on the smartphone market, no matter the size or the operating system.

The earlier Xperia Z1 & Z2 were lớn my mind the products of a design team more determined to build a stylishly angular monolith than a human-friendly smartphone. Not so with the Xperia Z3. It retains the unmistakable look of the Z family, but the corners are softer and no longer dig into my palm while holding the phone. There’s a more rounded shape to lớn the sides as well, which contributes to a significant tăng cấp in ergonomics when moving from the Xperia Z2 to lớn the Z3. The Z3 is also a few grams lighter và a hair thinner than its predecessor. All of these small improvements make a big difference in practice. Devices with 5-inch screens & above come with inherent compromises in usability, but the large kích thước of the Xperia Z3 is offset by an efficient, minimalist kiến thiết that effectively files away the rough edges of Sony’s earlier iterations. The Xperia Z3 is the first in Sony’s line of flagship smartphones whose thiết kế I can endorse without reservation.

Both functional và fashionable

Improved ergonomics are going hand in hand with a greater aesthetic cohesion in the Z3. The rounded sides are echoed by a recurring elliptical shape to all the detailing around the handset: the speaker ports, the charging dock connector, the volume rocker, camera button, & even the USB & microSD slot covers all nội dung the same shape. Sony’s marketing tagline for the Z3 family is that details matter và the industrial design of its new flagship shows a company that’s staying true to its word. This would all be good news in & of itself, but it becomes downright impressive when you factor in the Z3’s large 3,100mAh battery and the fact it’s waterproof.

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The Xperia Z3 Compact is in almost all respects a faithful recreation of the Z3 at a smaller size. Other than the smaller 2,600mAh battery, dictated by its dimensions, the only area where it compromises slightly is in its design. Instead of an aluminum frame, the Z3 Compact uses a translucent plastic surround. That doesn’t come at the expense of any rigidity or durability, but it just deprives this handset from the pleasing consistency of its more expensive sibling. This is Sony’s way of distinguishing between two extremely similar devices: getting the fundamentals right on both & adding an extra layer of polish to lớn the premium one.


I’ll never cease to lớn be impressed by waterproof phones that maintain an open headphone jack. I know it’s achieved with a hydrophobic coating, but it still feels lượt thích dark magic. Sony adds to lớn the flexibility of its new phones with microSD card slots và easily accessible nano-SIM trays (no tools required). A magnetic charging dock also minimizes the need to open the flap covering each phone’s microUSB port, though using a more widely adopted wireless charging method lượt thích Qi would obviously have been preferable.

It"s hard lớn find any fault with the kiến thiết of these phones

From among the top-tier điện thoại thông minh makers, Sony has been the one upgrading its devices at the fastest pace. Hãng apple takes two years between new iPhone designs, HTC và LG are on one-year cycles, & Samsung had stagnated for almost three years before unveiling the new Galaxy Alpha. Sony iterates on its flagship every six months. That’s how we now have the Z3 only a year after the Z1 và the Z3 Compact only a few months after the Z1 Compact (there was never a Z2 Compact). It’s an uncompromising and unforgiving pace that deprecates devices rapidly, but at each step Sony has moved forward, which is not something that can be said of every company.


Sony"s displays take another step forwardThe one major misstep with the Xperia Z2 was the outdoor performance of its display. As excellent as the newly upgraded panel was inside the house, it would become near useless the moment I stepped out into the sunlit street. The good news with the Xperia Z3 is that the issue has been corrected. The new 5.2-inch handset has great màu sắc accuracy (plus the option to lớn adjust the white balance lớn your liking), good contrast, and reasonable viewing angles. The same is true of the 4.6-inch Z3 Compact. Neither is quite on the cấp độ of excellence of the iPhone or HTC’s One series, but they’re perfectly adequate và no longer a cause of concern for Sony phones. The resolution — 1080p on the Z3 and 720p on the Z3 Compact — is also not leading any spec races, but it doesn’t have to. I have no issues with either one, và share Sony’s opinion that there’s little to lớn be gained from moving khổng lồ higher resolution. The company deliberately chose not khổng lồ match Samsung và LG by going lớn Quad HD in an effort lớn use the processor most efficiently & maximize battery life.

The only warning I would offer is that you should disable Sony’s X-Reality image processing. It’s supposed lớn act like a real-time version of the Auto-Enhance feature on Google+ — whereby all video clip and stills are automatically sharpened, contrast-adjusted, & otherwise tweaked during playback — but it leads khổng lồ unrealistic representations that can play havoc with your điện thoại photography. Because of the aggressive X-Reality algorithms, you’ll be left thinking the camera oversaturated a shot that was in actual reality perfectly color-balanced.

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