The South Korean figure skater phụ vương Jun Hwan who is all the rage in his homeland right now has a shared history with actress Jin Ji Hee. He is going viral on South Korean social truyền thông media sites for every step he is taking, from his graceful routines in the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics or his hairstyles and incredible visuals. But did you know that the Olympian appeared on South Korean Olympics gold-medalist figure skater Kim Yuna’s show Kim Yuna’s Kiss và Cry as a young kid alongside the famous actress Jin Ji Hee?

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Cha Jun Hwan and Jin Ji Hee were aged ten & twelve when they first met on Kim Yuna’s ice-skating survival show. Following his successful stint in the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, where he won the fifth position in the men’s singles figure skating competition, Jun Hwan appeared on the talk show of celebrated Korean entertainment MC JaeJae called MMTG, where he talked about his experience in the Olympics, his snacking habits, và also had a phone call with actress Jin Ji Hee who is the star of the drama Penthouse.

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Cha Jun Hwan và Jin Ji Hee: First Meeting

Olympian phụ vương Jun Hwan was enquired about his equation with actress Jin Ji Hee by MC JaeJae on her hit talk show MMTG. Recalling his time on Kim Yuna’s Kiss & Cry, he says, “Since the program was a survival show, I had too much greed (to succeed).” He further adds that “It was 11 years ago, so I don’t remember much” khổng lồ cheekily avoid the subject. Cha Jun Hwan further admitted that he would’ve tried to điện thoại tư vấn her but the old phone that had her number in it was broken! But no fear, since MC JaeJae who had her number gave her a điện thoại tư vấn mid interview, prompting phụ vương Jun Hwan & Jin Ji Hee lớn have a brief phone-call conversation right on broadcast (all while MC JaeJae giggled and fangirled just lượt thích the viewers at home)!

Cha Jun Hwan recreating his childhood “pissed off” expression on MC JaeJae MMTG show

After the phone hotline ended, cha Jun Hwan explained that he started watching Penthouse with his parents. MC Jaejae didn’t spare phụ thân Jun Hwan, repeatedly reminding him how he mispronounced Jin Ji Hee’s name as Ji Jin Hee during his time on Kim Yuna’s Kiss & Cry.

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Cha Jun Hwan lớn Reunite with Actress Jin Ji Hee on Upcoming Running Man Episode

Since the netizens are all abuzz about phụ thân Jun Hwan & Jin JiHee, SBS Running Man has confirmed that both of them will be appearing on the variety show! Fans are very excited to lớn see them reunite eleven years post their appearance on the 2011 show ‘Kim Yuna’s Kiss và Cry’. Phụ vương Jun Hwan & Jin Ji Hee filmed for the show on the 28th of February, and their appearance on SBS Running Man will be airing on the 13th of March 2022. You can watch Running Man episodes by clicking here. Meanwhile, watch the adorable moments in Kim Yuna’s Kiss và Cry that is going viral right now.

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