Amd radeon rx vega m gh graphics review

The AMD Radeon RX Vega M GH is an integrated GPU in the fastest intel Kaby-Lake-G SoC. It combines a Kaby-Lake processor, a Vega graphics card và 4 GB HBM2 memory on a single package. The graphics card offers 24 CUs (1536 shaders) và is clocked from 1063 - 1190 MHz.

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Currently it looks like the GPU is a mixture of Polaris (Shaders?) & Vega (HBM memory controller at least). E.g. The graphics thẻ is called Polaris 22 internally. Detailed information on the Vega architecture can be found in our dedicated article about theRaven Ridge architecture.

The performance of the Vega M GH should be slightly slower than a dedicated Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 for laptops according to benchmarks from Intel. Therefore, it should be well suited for 1080p & high resolution gaming.

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The power nguồn consumption should be quite similar to a dedicated Vega smartphone GPU, but due to lớn the small form factor, smaller laptops can be built with the Kaby-Lake-G SoC. The TDP is specified at 65 Watt for the whole package including GPU, CPU and HBM2 memory.

AMD Radeon RX Vega SeriesRX Vega 64 4096
1.63 GHz
2048 Bit
945 MHz
RX Vega 56 3584
1.14 - 1.47 GHz
409.6 Bit
800 MHz
Vega mobile 1792 2048 Bit
Vega M GH 1536
1.06 - 1.19 GHz
Vega M GL / 870 1280
0.93 - 1.01 GHz
WX Vega M GL 1280
0.93 - 1.01 GHz
Vega 11 704
1.24 GHz
Vega 10 640
1.3 GHz
Vega 9 576
1.3 GHz
Vega 8 512
1.2 GHz
Vega 6 384
1.5 GHz
Vega 6 384
1.1 GHz
Vega 3 192
1 GHz
Vega 2 128
Intel core i7-8809G
CPU in Vega M GHGPU Base SpeedGPU Boost / Turbo
4 x 3100 MHz, 100 W1063 MHz1190 MHz
Intel bộ vi xử lý core i7-8709G4 x 3100 MHz, 100 W1063 MHz1190 MHz
min. - max.1063 MHz1190 MHz


Performance Rating - 3DMark 11 + Fire Strike + Time Spy

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