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Everything You Should Know about Bae Suzy và Kim Woo-bin’s Chemistry and Relationship!

Often, couples who appear in several K-dramas make the audience curious about the chemistry and also the romance between them. Because K-dramas have a lot of melodrama or romance genres, of course, there are several couples from each actor and actress that can even make people feel touched with their stories through K-dramas. The compatibility of the K-drama couple makes a lot of expectations for fans if their chemistry is good, then the couple is expected lớn become real.

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This is likewise with one of the lead couples who attended Uncontrollably Fond & received a good response from the audience. Make sure you don’t miss the very sweet moments of Bae Suzy và Kim Woo-bin in this article below!

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Bae Suzy and Kim Woo-bin’s Moments in Uncontrollably Fond


Uncontrollably Fond is written by Lee Kyoung-hee và stars Bae Suzy và Kim Woo-bin. It first aired on KBS2 on July 6, 2016. The drama, directed by Park Hyun-Suk, consists of trăng tròn episodes.

At the beginning of its broadcast, Uncontrollably Fond received a rating of 12.5%. Uncontrollably Fond is also still worth watching today because it has a sad and tearful lãng mạn story. Uncontrollably Fond consists of trăng tròn episodes. This Korean drama also made it into a number of nominations. Bae Suzy even won the Best Star Award from the Asia Artist Awards.


Shin Joon-young is played by Kim Woo-bin. Joon-young is a famous actor who once had khổng lồ struggle with a malignant tumor in his brain. Doctors diagnose Joon-young as only being able to live for three months. He also hides his illness from the people closest to lớn him, including his fans.

Meanwhile, Bae Suzy plays Noh Eul. She was Joon-young’s friend when she was in high school. However, the incident that happened khổng lồ Noh Eul’s father in a hit and run made her have to lớn quit school.


Noh Eul, who felt devastated, was forced lớn leave Shin Joon-Young without a message. Since then, Noh Eul is determined to find out the truth regarding the case of her father’s death. As adults, Joon-young và Noh Eul meet again. Joon-young works as a famous actor while Noh Eul works as a documentary film producer.


One day, Noh Eul gets an assignment khổng lồ make a documentary about Joon-young. The two of them meet in the film project. At that time, Noh Eul was in need of money, so she was forced khổng lồ take the job & meet with Joon-young. Noh Eul tries to get Joon-young’s approval. Joon-young initially declines the request. However, gradually, the seeds of romance emerge. Joon-young is attracted to lớn Noh Eul & tries khổng lồ win her heart.

The story of Joon-young và Noh Eul is also romantically intertwined. However, a number of conflicts, including the facts behind the death of Noh Eul’s father, màu sắc their story, not lớn mention the malignant tumor that Joon-young has. Their love story manages to lớn make the audience shed tears.


Uncontrollably Fond is a melodrama with acting from Bae Suzy và Kim Woo-bin who have strong chemistry. The following is a portrait of Bae Suzy and Kim Woo-bin’s togetherness in the drama Uncontrollably Fond which successfully made the audience excited.


This is one of the portraits of Bae Suzy và Kim Woo-bin together. In this portrait, they look very adorable. Woo-bin deliberately made Suzy purse her lips and look lượt thích she is sulking. Uncontrollably Fond also became Woo-bin’s first drama as the main character, and he was able to lớn display chemistry with Bae Suzy very well as a couple.

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In Uncontrollably Fond, this drama is also the first project undertaken by Bae Suzy và Kim Woo-bin as a couple. Although the two of them had never met each other before, their closeness can be proven very well in some romantic scenes such as the back hug in the picture above, right?

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Like many K-dramas in the melodrama & romance genres in general, in Uncontrollably Fond, there are also many lãng mạn scenes presented by Bae Suzy and Kim Woo-bin as a couple. Skinship, hugs, and kisses became the cutest moments and also made the audience’s hearts flutter when they saw the scenes presented by this top actress & actor.


Bae Suzy và Kim Woo-bin were also nominated at the 30th KBS Drama Awards for the Best Couple Award for their appearance as a couple in this drama. It also means that Bae Suzy & Kim Woo-bin were ready khổng lồ become a K-drama couple that has a lot of fans that enjoy their relationship through the story as well.

Shin Joon-young and Noh Eul’s relationship was going well. However, rumors that Joon-young has a relationship with an actress again make Noh Eul doubtful.


Joon-young, of course, doesn’t just stay silent by asking Noh Eul khổng lồ trust him. He also said that he loves Noh Eul. But, Noh Eul admits she doesn’t want lớn be hurt by Joon-young who lives in a different “world” from her. Without thinking, Joon-young immediately kissed Noh Eul and hugged her.


”I can see the sadness in Joon-young’s eyes when he says he loves Noh Eul,” commented one netter. “A very sad kiss,” added another netter. “I’m excited and excited to lớn watch their kiss scene,” concluded another.


Bae Suzy & Kim Woo-bin’s romance in Uncontrollably Fond has entered a new chapter. After Woo-bin’s confession of love, the two are now even more intimate. It can be seen from the photo of the Uncontrollably Fond scene from episode 9 which shows Shin Joon-young và Noh Eul looking compact wearing the same colored coats. Both are in the hospital room.


Fans also couldn’t wait for the episode because Joon-young seems to kiss Noh Eul affectionately. Even though their relationship is getting more and more intimate, the fact that Joon-young’s life only has three months left manages lớn make fans go crazy. Moreover, at the end of the previous episode, Joon-young’s eyesight had blurred.


Uncontrollably Fond will continue khổng lồ make the audience feel excited with each episode. As if Bae Suzy và Kim Woo-bin’s intimacy wasn’t enough during the broadcast of a dozen episodes, they still kiss again.


The umpteenth kiss between Noh Eul & Shin Joon-young took place in episode 15. The production team released the kiss scene that will make you nervous. Shin Joon-young apparently kissed Noh Eul while he was eating.

What vì chưng you think about the closeness of Bae Suzy và Kim Woo-bin’s moments that were seen in every Uncontrollably Fond episode?

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