In recent times, some gateways have become common to share data or files with multiple people. Google Drive is one of those methods with which a lot of people are sharing their data. It is the easiest way lớn send or receive files even the large kích cỡ ones.

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However, if you tóm tắt a file with someone, they will have to xuất hiện the file preview first and then click on the download button to tải về it. If you don’t want the user khổng lồ go through these extra steps or you don’t want them to lớn preview the file before downloading, then you can create a direct tải về link instead.

A direct liên kết will directly tải về the shared file as soon as the user clicks on it. No preview or extra steps will be needed. If you are up for it, I’ll tell you how to lớn create direct tải về links in Google Drive using two different methods.

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How to lớn create a direct tải về link for Google Drive files?

To get a direct tải về link, you first need to lớn find a shareable liên kết to that Google drive file. Before I show you the link creation process, let me show you how to lớn get that link. 

Go to lớn Google Drive after logging into your account.

Upload that tệp tin into the drive (If not uploaded yet).

Right-click on that file to get a dropdown menu and then click on the “Get Link” button.


Change the access from “Restricted” to “Anyone with the link”.

Then, click on the “Copy link” button.


Once you have got the liên kết to that file, you should now alter that liên kết to make it a direct download link. Here is what you have to vì in this regard:

Open Notepad in Windows.

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Paste that copied links into Notepad, it should look similar to the example link mentioned below.

You should keep the document ID in a separate section that will look the same as the above red text.

Now with making any changes lớn the document ID, change the rest of the text to the one I have mentioned below.

Now, chia sẻ this links with anyone and he will be able to download that particular file with a simple click.

Use a third-party application

The above process is pretty simple but many people vì not want to vì chưng this task manually. The reason is that this process takes a lot of time khổng lồ alter the shareable link.

If you want to automate the process, then Google Drive Direct links Generator is the perfect tool to make this process easier. With this tool, you can convert the link into a direct download in a fraction of a second. Here’s what you need lớn do:

Open Google Drive Direct links Generator & paste the shareable liên kết that you have got in the above process and click on “Create Direct Link”.


The tool will automatically generate the direct download link for your file.

Copy that links and send it to lớn anyone.

Final Verdict

The above process will be pretty simple and efficient if you have followed the steps properly. You only have to make sure that the document/file ID is the same as in the shareable links to that document. Honestly, I would recommend using the Google Drive Direct liên kết Generator for this purpose as it is much easier to use. Unless of course, you don’t want to lớn give the link of a private file to a third-party website.