Want khổng lồ create awindows 7 bootable USB drive? If yes then this post is definitely for you.

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Gone are the days when we used lớn install our Windows Operating system on our PCs usingCd/Dvds.

And wait for at least1 hourto complete theWindows 7 installationprocess.

But these daysUSB driveshave completely vanished the use of Optical discs.

And also only very few companies are still manufacturing their new generation laptops which includeOptical driveasstandard hardware.

Although, laptops still have some scope of using these Cd/Dvds but what if you are having a small notebook, tablet or some other digital devices.

And want toinstall windows 7on it.

In that case, you need a Windows 7 bootable USB drive and that’s why this post is really important for you.

But How would you create it?

SimplyCopying/pastingfromWindows 7 DVD lớn a USB flash drive won’t help you.

For this, you need khổng lồ make a special bootable USB device và then safely copy all the Windows 7 installation files lớn it.

Let’s see How.

Here is our latest post on wecreated Windows 11 bootable USB.

Table of Contents

Create Windows 7 Bootable USB Drive From ISO FileSome FAQs

Create Windows 7 Bootable USB Drive From ISO File

But before we begin.

Please make sure that you have a USB drive of at least4gb or greater, Windows 7 ISO File & abootable USB softwareto convert windows 7 ISO lớn USB easily.

And If you don’t have an ISO file you can download it from here or you cancreate your own ISO File.

In this tutorial, I will be using a tool calledWindows USB/DVD tải về Toolto make a bootable USB drive.Download Link…

So Let’s get started with this tool & follow this step by step Guide.

1. Tải về and Install USB tool

Download the bootable USB tool from the given links and Install it properly. And after installation is completedOpenthis tool.


2. Choose Windows 7 ISO File

Now, Click on theBrowsebutton and then select the ISO tệp tin from where you have stored & ClickNext.


3. Choose truyền thông type

Now, ChooseUSB deviceas truyền thông type if you want lớn create Windows 7 bootable USB drive or you can also chooseDVDfor creating bootable dvd drive.


4. Insert USB device

Now, insert theUSB deviceand Click on thatRefreshIcon & then Click onBegin copying. & wait for 5-10 minutes for completion of this process.


That’s it! You have successfully created a bootable USB drive.

Note:-Please make sure that before clicking on theBegin copyingbutton you have backup all your important data stored in the USB device. Otherwise, you may need torecover deleted files from USB.

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Now let’s move khổng lồ the next method…

Method 2: UUByte ISO Editor


UUByte ISO Editor is one of the most simple bootable USB creator tool which has lots of useful features. And the best part is that it is available for bothWindowsandmacOSversions. Using this utility you can easily perform tasks likeMake,Burn,Extract,Create,Edit&Copy Discwithin few clicks.

And to lớn begin with, just follow the below steps:-

Once the installation is done, open the tool.Now click on theBurn“Make bootable USB, DVD/CD from ISO” option.After that, click on theBrowsebutton & then select theISO imagefile from your computer.At last, select the “Create A Bootable USB” option and then select theUSB Stick& click onBurn.


And Done! It will take few minutes to lớn complete the burning process.

Note:-Please make sure that your USB stick is empty because after this it will be formatted & all your data will be lost.

Now let’s move khổng lồ the next method…

Method 3: Using Rufus

Rufus is another simple plug & play tool with all advance features lớn makebootable USB drives. This tool is really awesome and much faster as compared lớn other bootable USB software.

Rufus download Link

Download and Install Rufus from the given link & Follow these steps:-

Download và Install Rufus from the given links & Follow these steps:-

Open / Run the Rufus tool.Insert your USB flash drive into the USB Port.Now, Click on SELECT Option lớn make a Windows bootable disk.Choose the Windows 7 ISO file.Click on Start. And Done!


Note:- The Best part of this boot tool is that it automatically detects all suitable properties lượt thích Partition scheme, Target & File system according to the ISO file.

And Done! You have successfully created a windows 7 bootable usb flash drive. But how to lớn boot from it.

Let’s see How.

How to Boot From USB Stick on PC / Laptop

For this, you have two methods. First, you can directly go lớn the boot menu & change the boot settings. And the second one is that, Go to Bios settings and then change the boot order.

I prefer the direct boot menu option because in that you don’t have to lớn change the BIOS settings. For Lenovo máy vi tính usersthere is a button calledNovo button to directly go lớn the boot menu.


And for the other users lượt thích hp, Dell, Asus you have khổng lồ change the BIOS settings. Và for this follow these steps:-

Insert USB disk in your computer or laptop.Now Turn on the laptop or CPU whatever you have.And in the starting, you will find the manufacturer logo & down below showing the shortcut keys for BIOS settings.Now repeatedly keep pressing the BIOS key button.Now when you are in the BIOS settings, Go to Boot Order & change it lớn USB flash drive as 1st priority.

Note:- Every manufacturer has its different shortcut BIOS key but you can easily configure it while your CPU boots và shows the company Logo.

Tip:-Esc, F2, F10, or F12 are the most common BIOS setting keys, you can give a try khổng lồ them.

Some FAQs

Creating a bootable USB for Windows 7 is pretty easy, just download the USB Tool và ISO Image File và then follow the given steps in this article.

Yes, Rufus is an open-source software application that is used lớn create bootable USBs for Windows operating system.

If you want to make a Windows 7 installer bootable USB then there are two methods, one with Rufus và the second one without software using CMD or command prompt.

Yes, Rufus is absolutely safe lớn use & install on your Windows PC. It is a freeware application that can be used for personal as well as commercial use.


This is how you can easily create your own bootable USB device from an ISO file & use it khổng lồ install windows 7 from USB instead of using CD/DVD. So what are you waiting for?Go ahead and use these awesome tools to make USB bootable & save your precious time.

Stay tuned for the next post on how lớn change windows 7 lock screen background.

Feel không tính phí to bình luận below and also tell us if you know any other better way to lớn create or make windows 7 bootable USB drive.

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